About Us

At Mednaath, we build AI based mathematical model to simulate Multiphysics. In particular, what we see, speak and listen. Through our AI technology, we enable companies to automate their contact & call center which is vital for sales, marketing & services reliably in hyper-realistic conversation — powering scalable, personalized, interactive and engaging experiences across wide range of industries. We 're actively hiring. Our team includes IIT Alumni and domain experts. If you 're interested in working on cutting edge AI, we 'd love to hear from you.

Our Business is to Making Your life Easier & Comfortable

The Tech Behind AI On Phone
  • Speech-to-Speech AI : AIOnPhone is built on advanced speech-to-speech algorithms that generate natural, engaging conversations. It’s trained on millions of real-world telephone interactions in sales and support, given to use by our call center partners.
  • Human-like Voice Synthesis : We use state-of-the-art voice synthesis that mimics the nuances and tones of a human voice, making interactions more engaging and authentic.
  • Inbound and Outbound Calls : Our robust technology supports both inbound and outbound calls, enabling seamless integration into existing telecommunication systems.
  • Multilingual : Language does not know any boundaries, so AIOnPhone is available in 125 languages.
  • Autonomous Deal Handling: AIOnPhone doesn't just mimic human conversation. It's smart and autonomous, capable of intelligently and securely handling deals, all while gathering essential data for transactions.
  • Data Scraping : Leveraging data scraping technologies, our system is equipped to gather crucial information that helps it understand context, further refining its interaction capabilities.

Our Partners