Telephony Virtual Assistant

AI models for automating call & contact centre.


Exponentially increase your business with AI

Imagine having an unlimited number of highly skilled phone sales and customer support agents at your disposal. How would this transform your business? The AIOnPhone application is so remarkably human-like that your customers wouldn't discern any difference. Consequently, human employees can now focus on handling more creative and intricate tasks behind the scenes.

01. How can we help your business?

Future is here. Allow countless AI Agents
to handle challenging phone tasks simultaneously, completely independent of human intervention. Mednaath's core is built on robust and user-friendly capabilities, aimed at redefining how businesses engage with their client. With capabilities like natural language comprehension and limitless scalability, explore how the AIOnPhone Call Agent can revolutionize your sales and customer service procedures.

02. Why become our partner?

We ensure that our every partners is having high ROI,
which we take pride in. We believe in the power of collaboration to create innovative solutions and drive growth. Our partnerships with leading technology providers, team of IIT Alumni and domain experts
enable us to deliver exceptional AI-driven sales and support experiences to our clients. Let’s redefine the future of sales and support through cutting-edge technology and expertise.


How to schedule demo for Telephony virtual assistant?

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Application domains where we serve our clients:


Corporates could now optimize manpower resource usage by automating lead generation and customer interactions through AI-powered virtual assistants

which could handle end-to-end sales,transactions and payments over the phone anonymously.

Survey & Recruitment

Reaching millions of customers

in a personalized, hyper-realistic
& empathic conversation instead
of existing monotonous voice.


Leverage our technology to enable confident and scalable customer interactions by integrating with backend APIs and addressing various customer issues in more than 125 language out there.